Green Team

Project Home’s Green Team strives to initiate sustainable business practices and to reduce the company’s impact on the planet.

Local Recycling Locations

We are fortunate to have many wonderful recycling vendors in Madison. Here is a list of our vendors and others that recycle or reuse common materials:

Ace Hardware – Rechargeable Batteries and Florescent Bulbs
Cascade Asset Management – Computer Equipment and Electronics
The Bruce Company – Wood, Drywall and Asphalt Shingles
Madison Stuff Exchange –
UW SWAP – Office Furniture
Habitat Restore – Building Products
Studio Paran – Styrofoam Peanuts and Bubble Wrap
All Metal Recycling – Metal

Here are some low-cost tips to save energy and reduce your monthly energy bills:


Set your thermostat comfortably low in the winter and comfortably high in the summer (68º in the winter and 78º in the summer).
Remember: the thermostat is not like the gas pedal on your car. Turning it to the highest setting does not warm up your home any faster.
Keep the windows closed and locked when using the heating system or air conditioner.
In the winter, open drapes or blinds during the day to allow the sun’s warmth into your house. During the summer, close drapes or blinds during the day to keep the sun out.
During the winter, put plastic over windows to reduce heat loss and decrease drafts.
During the winter, move your furniture so you are not sitting near exterior walls or windows.
During the winter, reverse your ceiling fan motor to disperse warm air collecting near the ceiling. There is a switch on the base of the fan.


Appliances like DVD players and televisions still use power when they are plugged in but not turned on. Unplug these appliances or use a power-strip and turn the switch off when not in use.
Use the air-drying cycle instead of the heated-drying cycle on your dishwasher.
Wash your clothes in cold water. They get just as clean and colors will fade less quickly.
Clean the lint filter on your dryer after every load. Check the venting 2 times a year to be sure it isn’t clogged.
Open the refrigerator and oven doors as seldom as possible, and close them as quickly as possible. Each time they’re opened a large amount of cold or heat has to be replaced and that takes energy.
Place your gas water heater on “vacation” mode, or turn off your electric water heater when you leave town for more than a few days. Don’t forget to turn it back on when you get home.
Vacuum the coils at the back or bottom of your refrigerator twice a year.
Wait until you have a full load before running the clothes washer or dishwasher.
Turn off your computer or put it in “sleep” mode when it is not being used.
Whenever possible use the microwave for reheating food rather than your electric oven.

Thank you for participating in the Weatherization Program and for doing your part to conserve energy!