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Large solar panel project on a senior living apartment building on Segoe Rd. Madison, WI

Would you like to work with us?

In addition to maintaining trained and experienced field staff, Project Home utilizes local vendors and contractors in the fulfillment of our public programs as well as for many of our for-profit Optimus projects.  We have regular need for professional HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and other general and specialty contractors.

Weatherization & Furnace Programs

We secure contractors and vendors for the Weatherization and Furnace Programs following common procurement standards that are set by the State.  These generally require that we get quotes from qualified contractors (for smaller projects) or that we issue public Requests for Bids (RFBs) in order to enter into yearly contracts with vendors or contractors.  RFBs and proposals are solicited periodically with the resulting contracts ranging from one to three years.  We maintain an “interested parties” list of contractors who would like to receive a bid package when we are issuing an RFB in their profession.  For more information, contact Adam Weisse, Program Manager at or 608.246.3737 ext. 2302.

Home Repair and Home Rehab Programs

Standard procurement practices are followed for these programs as well; however, these projects are below the threshold that would require a formal public bids (i.e. an RFB process).  To quote on general work in our repair programs, the minimum contractor requirements are:

·      Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification

·      Dwelling Contractor Certification

·      W-9 Form

·      Certification of Liability Insurance including Workman's Comp and vehicle insurance.

·      Living Wage Statement

·      Excluded Parties List System (i.e. not on this list for contractors barred from government work)

·      State Certified Lead Renovator

·      State Certified Lead Safe Company

To become a Project Home Contractor, please call or email to receive an application packet to be included in the pool of qualified contractors.  For more information, contact Bob Weirough, Home Repair Coordinator, at  or 608.246.3737 ext. 2210.

Project Home Optimus

We often utilize and collaborate with many types of contractors for our for-profit Optimus work.  Since this is private work, it is not necessary for us to follow procurement procedures or complete public bids; however, we still insist on using high quality, professional contractors so that our customers can count on excellent customer service.  Are you interested?  Contact Bob Weirough, Home Repair Coordinator, at  or 608.246.3737 ext. 2210 for more information.

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