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Meet the Project Home Team

Management & Administrative

Denise Matyka Executive Director Phone Ext 2100
Adam Weisse Program Manager Phone Ext 2302
Denise Garlow Fund Development Specialist Phone Ext 2104
Kendra Eppler Finance Manager Phone Ext 2500
Bernadette Ballweg Finance Assistant Phone Ext 2501
Kari Nichols HR & Outreach Manager Phone Ext 2102
Jean Hull Office Manager Phone Ext 2000
Quality Control & Energy Auditors

Phillip Downs Technical Supervisor Phone Ext 2301
Brendon Shoemaker Residential Energy Auditor Phone Ext 2313
Nathan Schultz Residential Energy Auditor Phone Ext 2322

Steve Coe Field Supervisor Phone Ext 2402
Steve Meier Production Coordinator Phone Ext 2401
Michelle Klessig Production Coordinator Phone Ext 2606
Denis Bollinger Crew Leader Phone Ext 2321
Taylor Gregorich Crew Leader Phone Ext 2320
Dillon Fontana Crew Leader Phone Ext 2324
Darian Somers Crew Leader Phone Ext 2314
Peter Reinhart Crew Member 608-246-3737
Zach Cummings Crew Member 608-246-3737
Austin Geier Crew Member 608-246-3737
Connor Dobbs Crew Member 608-246-3737
Jean Hull WX Intake Specialist Phone Ext 2000
Home Repair

Wyolanda Singleton Intake Supervisor Phone Ext 2200
Bryan Ott Energy Audit & Rehab Specialist Phone Ext 2315
Bob Weirough MCR, UDCP Home Repair Coordinator Phone Ext 2210
Julio Noriega Home Repair Technician Phone Ext 2211
Rich Loether Crew Member & Plumber Phone Ext 2325
Prairie Crossing Apts & Rodney Scheel House

Caitlin Singleton Site Manager 608-277-1715
Scott Carlson Maintenance Supervisor 608-277-1715
David Fields Residential Services Coordinator 608-277-1715
  • City of Madison - Comm Dev
    City of Madison - Comm Dev