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2023 Hammer with a Heart

Project Home volunteer programs Hammer with a Heart low-income free home repair 2012 Madison WI 53716


Since 2002, Hammer with a Heart has provided home repairs and maintenance to improve families’ safety, comfort and health in their homes through the help of generous sponsors and partners.

Together we've repaired over 135 Dane County homes and improved a 47-unit building of section 42 housing!



Project Home is looking for good hearted companies and supporters to join us in sustaining our Hammer with a Heart program for essential home repairs for struggling homeowners.  Our crews and contractors go out in the community and perform home repair work like:

1)  Installing bathroom grab bars for unsteady seniors,

2)  Building wheelchair ramps for persons struggling with disabilities,

3)  Replacing broken toilets for families on a low or fixed income,

4)  And performing emergency furnace, water and electrical repairs.

For decades, Project Home staff have evaluated, planned and executed crucial repair projects for area seniors, veterans, single-income families and our neighbors with health issues or disabilities; now Hammer with a Heart sponsors will support the rising costs of this work.  

As a sponsor, you can share job-site photos with coworkers, friends and family and help us to spread the news of the good work being done in our community.  Show your support and belief that we can all work together to make an impact in our community by having your name and logo on the sign as a program sponsor!  And as a supporter, you can share the word of your community involvement and support too!



A Big thank you to our 2023 Project Sponsors and Supporters!

Email with interest.




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    City of Madison - Comm Dev
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    Focus on Energy Ally