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Our Services During The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Project Home's office is closed to visitors, until further notice. Please contact us at (608) 246-3737 or regarding questions, applications or to request information about our programs and services.
We will post updates on this page regarding any necessary changes to our services or hours as we all work through this public health crisis.


The health, safety and comfort of our customers remain our highest priorities, especially during COVID-19.  As a result, Project Home will be taking the following steps to help our customers and our community:

  • Project Home staff will wear masks while in a customer's home
  • All Project Home staff have hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes at their job site
  • Project Home staff will disinfect surfaces commonly touched by our staff members, in a customer's home (e.g. door knobs & light switches)
  • We will shift as much customer communication as possible, to phone or email, to limit in-person contact with customers
  • We ask that customers do not enter our work area, unless absolutely necessary
  • Once Project Home employees have access to the home, customers are welcome to leave their home, while we perform our work

If customers have any other questions/requests, please discuss these with the staff member who contacts you to schedule work on your home.  It is our pleasure to serve you and, with mutual respect, we will stay healthy and safe as we work through this health crisis.  Thank you.

- The Project Home Team


Project Home remains committed to providing important and crucial's why.

Stay Informed During COVID-19

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