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Dane County Minor Home Repair

Eligibility Requirements

  • LOCATION: Your home must be located in a participating municipality in Dane County to qualify. Homes in the following municipalities are not eligible: City of Madison (see City of Madison Minor Home Repair), City of Edgerton, Village of Cottage Grove, Village of Maple Bluff, and the Village of Deforest.
  • VALUE OF YOUR HOME: Your home cannot exceed 95% of the Dane County Median Purchase Price for a home. Single family home: $290,000 Duplex: $371,000  *(We can only work on the owner's side of a duplex).
  • You must own and live in your home.
  • The property cannot be currently on the market to be sold, or be put on the market to be sold, within the next twelve (12) months.
  • The property cannot be in foreclosure, or going into foreclosure, within the next twelve (12) months.
  • INCOME: Your total gross household income cannot exceed 80% of the Dane County Median Income. (See Income Chart below)
Household Size Maximum Annual Gross Income
1 $55,950
2 $63,950
3 $71,950
4 $79,900
5 $86,300
6 $92,700
7 $99,100
8 $105,500

There is currently a waiting list for this program - Call Wyolanda Singleton at (608) 246-3737 ext. 2200 for more information.

*Resources required to be reviewed by homeowners