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With support from the community, Project Home will continue to make veterans homes work for them again.  Will you be our partner in this effort?  We need you and so do our veterans!


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Send a check (note STWS on the memo line) to:

Project Home

3841 Kipp St.

Madison, WI 53718


I had the opportunity, recently, to meet a person who has been sending monthly donations since we started fundraising for STWS in January 2016. I thanked her for her continued support and belief in our work. I learned she had no prior connection to Project Home, or any of our staff or board members -- she was just an individual, who saw a news story about our new initiative to help local veterans that decided to take action. She liked that Project Home was a local nonprofit and that our program makes long-term investments in people and communities.

I told her that every time we receive a donation from her, I am extremely grateful, inspired and energized to continue my search for more area partners for STWS! It's not always easy to drum up support for an initiative (no matter how noble the cause or how long your nonprofit has been serving the community). Some days you wonder when you'll find that next person, or organization, who will believe in what you're doing, so much so that they'll donate, tell others about your initiative and join in your efforts to build a resource that previously wasn't there.

Project Home and our sponsors & donors have made an impact with STWS -- we've helped 23 veterans and their families with over $284,000 worth of home repairs, improvements and modifications.  Local support is what launched STWS and growing that local support is the key to sustaining this program. We want to make sure Serving Those Who Served is something veterans who are struggling in their homes, can turn to and count on.

Will you help us?  We need you and so do our veterans.

- Jason Hafeman (Outreach Manager at Project Home)