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Here's more about the impact of STWS:

  • Serving Those Who Served is a grassroots program built by our community for veterans in our community.

  • STWS is 100% privately funded (mostly by area organizations and community members).

  • Project Home has reinvested more than $425,000 in repairs, accessibility modifications and/or energy improvements at 38 area veteran’s homes, since July of 2016, through STWS.

  • 29 Senior Citizens have been assisted

  • STWS has helped 96 people, counting veterans and their family members, including 17 BIPOC community members.

  • 28 of the veterans served through STWS are disabled

  • 14 of the vets we’ve assisted had major energy concerns with their homes, but did not qualify for the Weatherization Assistance Program. Thanks to STWS, Project Home was able to weatherize their homes to make them more comfortable and bring down their energy bills.

  • STWS has served 9 women veteran homeowners

With support from the community, Project Home will continue to make veterans homes work for them again.  Will you join us in this effort?  We need you and so do our veterans!

DONATE & SUPPORT our Veterans Program!

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Send a check (note STWS on the memo line) to:

Project Home

3841 Kipp St.

Madison, WI 53718

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    City of Madison - Comm Dev