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What:  Project Home’s Serving Those Who Served Program is a focused initiative to make health and safety related home repairs, accessibility modifications and energy efficiency improvements to the homes of low-to-moderate income veterans and their families.  These projects are a helping hand and are an important reinvestment in our community and our service men and women.

For Who:  Honorably discharged Military Veterans who:

  • Own their homes
  • Are at or below 80% of their County Median Income
  • Live in Dane or Green County, WI

Why:  With over 16,000 Wisconsin Veterans unemployed and 62,000 disabled (statistics from, there is a clear need in our state and our community for this program. By making veterans homes’ more accessible, comfortable and affordable, we can improve their quality of life, keep them in their homes and begin to repay them for their sacrifice.

When:  STWS launched in July 2016!  Our goal is to continue to build a sustainable program that will be available for veterans who are struggling financially and with their homes.

What We Have:  The skills, equipment, training and experience to help veterans stay in their homes

  • Project Home staff has done thousands of health and safety home improvement projects during the past 48 years. 
  • Our agency has weatherized over 20,000 homes since 1982
  • We have served 114 Veterans, since 2014, through other programs.  With STWS, we are expanding our efforts and assisting more area Veterans in need.

What We Need:  Continued LOCAL financial support and conversation!  In order to sustain this initiative, we need area businesses, organizations and community members to join us in this effort!   Local support is what made STWS possible and it will be vital to its continued success.  Consider making a donation and talk to veterans and non-veterans to help spread the word about what we're doing.